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Anima, n. (Latin); pron. "An-uh-muh"

1. breath, vital force, soul, spirit;
2. (a) the unconsious or true inner self (
vs. persona, the outer aspect of the personality);
2. (b) the feminine principle (vs. animus, which represents the masculine).

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Christine King, BVSc, MACVSc, MVetClinStud
Licensed Veterinarian

Dr. Chris King

Nature always wins...

That's my approach to veterinary medicine these days: Nature always wins in the end, so we might as well follow its lead and save ourselves a whole lot of trouble.

"Nature's (bumbling) Apprentice" is another name for this adventure, because it's
a road less travelled, and the only reliable road map I've found isn't a map at all; it's nature itself, in all its weird and wonderful ways.


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