Veterinary Medicine

I graduated from vet school in 1985, worked in mixed and equine practice for several years, then felt the pull of further education. I did a residency in equine medicine and surgery at the University of Sydney, along with a Master's degree in equine exercise physiology, then in 1993 I moved to the US to do a residency in large animal internal medicine at North Carolina State University with the aim of sitting my internal medicine board exams and returning home.

But life had other plans, and I ended up working full-time as a medical writer and editor for the next 10 years. By the end of that period, I was itching to get my hands on animals again, so I completed the odious AVMA foreign graduate accreditation program (the ECFVG - did I mention that it's odious!?) and returned to practice, this time with a holistic focus.

Currently, I'm dividing my time between veterinary practice, medical writing, and what I think of as a deep dive into the unknown as I follow my own eccentric interests into the gap between conventional science and holistic thought.

Publishing and Research

I sort of backed into publishing. It was really out of necessity, as I was not licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the US at that time and, well, a girl's gotta eat. But it took no time at all before I realised that I loved writing and editing, and that I had a lot I wanted to say about animal health.

My research experience has been a little more fraught, as I do not come naturally by the patience required for the sometimes mincing steps of the scientific process. However, with age came a certain measure of wisdom and acceptance of the process. I can now say that I love the exploratory nature of veterinary research, and I look forward to doing more of it.

Click on publications for a summary of my publishing and research experience.

Growing up in Australia

I was born and raised in Australia, and while I spent 25 years living in the US, I'm an Aussie through-and-through. We always had horses when I was growing up (and a milk cow we would scramble on and ride around the yard), but it wasn't until I was 15 and had earned enough money from my summer job that I bought a horse of my own. Banjo was an Australian Stock Horse gelding who was 7 years old when I got him. He lived with my family until he died in his mid-20s. He was my companion on many adventures and my hapless life-model throughout vet school.

Beats me when my love of writing began; probably with my love of a good book. I'm surely not the only kid who couldn't wait to start vet school after reading All Creatures Great and Small and the rest of James Herriot's wonderful books...