Although my background covers all aspects of veterinary practice, these days my main focus is on:

* food - diet and digestive health - basic nutrition, food as medicine, activities that support good digestion and gut health (all species)

* feet - routine and remedial foot care - farriery guidance for optimal performance or problem feet, barefoot trimming (horses)

* frame - balance and movement - exercise and fitness for optimal health, comfort, and performance; manual and movement therapies for rehab and injury prevention (all species)

* farm - barn and pasture management (horses and other livestock), home environment (pets)

I'm especially interested in the relationship between soil, plant, and animal health. Healthy soil makes for healthy plants, which make for healthy animals; and a good basic diet reduces the need for expensive supplements and medications of any kind.

If you're interested in being more self-sustaining and self-reliant, it all starts with healthy soil, no matter the species.


I mostly use these tools:

* hands-on (manual and movement) therapies

* herbs and essences

* nutritional supplements

* homeopathy

* hoof trimming

* saddle fit

* customized rehab and fitness programs

* conventional medicine


Please Note: I no longer offer primary-care services (vaccinations, emergencies, etc.). When we work together, you'll continue to use your regular veterinarian for routine care.


I'm based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I offer farm/barn and home visits locally, and phone consultations for other locations if appropriate for the situation. Horses, dogs, cats, and farm animals are all welcome.

Please call between 9 am and 5 pm (Eastern), Monday to Friday, to schedule an appointment.

Please call your regular veterinarian or nearest emergency hospital for any urgent care.


A 1-hour consultation is $125. Some first-time consults take longer than an hour; some follow-up consults take less than 30 minutes. All are billed accordingly.

The trip charge for visits is based on drive time. Please call or e-mail for an estimate to your location.

Please note: e-mail enquiries are welcome, but I do not conduct consultations by e-mail.

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My garden and barnyard, summer 2014.

Sunflowers and barn


This is not a typical veterinary practice... These days, my focus is on the fundamentals of good health: good food, clean water, fresh air, sunshine, daily activity, rest, compatible company, etc.

No babies are thrown out with any bathwater, though. I also use whatever veterinary tools are appropriate for the situation, conventional and alternative.


Case study: fresh comfrey leaf for wound infection in a goat kid.

This short slideshow (37 slides) illlustrates my integrative approach to veterinary medicine.