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Feeding Miss Lilly - on feeding dogs a great, nature-inspired diet

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I have a bookmark beside my computer which shows a tapestry of a flying chicken. On it is a quote from Sir Francis Bacon: “...great boldness is seldom without some absurdity.” I don’t know how bold this book is, but it’s very likely not without some absurdity.

I wrote it in answer to the many questions I've gotten from dog owners about how to feed their dogs, and it represents my current understanding of canine nutrition, my clinical experience with dogs (and cats) on fresh-food diets, and my practical experience with home-making food for my own dog. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive textbook on canine nutrition nor medical advice of any kind; it’s simply about how I feed my dog and why, and what I’ve learned along the way.

No doubt, there are still some inconsistencies and downright absurdities in it, despite careful editing. For that, I beg your indulgence. As I tell my clients: don’t listen to me, listen to your dog; your dog is the best authority on what your dog needs. And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


Table of Contents (TOC)


Chapter 1. Dogs are carnivores

Chapter 2. Carnivores eat the entire animal

Chapter 3. The more variety, the better

Chapter 4. Carnivores eat their prey raw

Chapter 5. Carnivores are meal-feeders


Appendix A: Recipes

Appendix B: Blogging Miss Lilly

Epilogue (March 2017) [web exclusive]


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