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Feeding Miss Lilly - on feeding dogs a great, nature-inspired diet

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About the book:

"Scads of books and articles have been written about feeding dogs, and yet myths and misconceptions about how to feed dogs abound. Perhaps the most pernicious is that it’s beyond the ability of the average person to do it well. I hear this concern often from dog owners who’d like to be making their dog’s food but are too afraid to even try, for fear of getting it wrong. 

Let me relieve you of that notion right now. Feeding dogs well is not rocket science. If it were, then dogs would have died out long ago. You don't need a degree in nutrition to feed yourself and your family well. The same is true about feeding your dog. You simply need to understand a few basic principles, and go from there. 

Given how much information is available already, I thought what might be most useful is for me to tell you how I feed my own dog, The Splendid Miss Tiger Lilly."

For a limited time, you can read the book on-line.


Cover photo:
The Splendid Miss Tiger Lilly
at 9 or 10 years of age.

Anima Books, 2014
softcover, 7.5 x 9.25 in.,
140 pages

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