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Nothing More is Needed - on caring for our animals (and ourselves)


Food, water, air, sunlight, cycles, rest, work, play, love, death.

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Food is fundamental.
We eat to live.
We eat to fuel our lives
And take care of our bodies.

What we eat matters, because
What we eat becomes us.
It becomes our matter.

So, what we eat either enlivens us
Or it endeadens us.
Our choice.

Feed every animal according to his nature:
Herbivores eat plants;
Carnivores eat animals;
Omnivores eat everyone.
(And everyone is eventually eaten.)

Grazers graze, browsers browse,
Hunters hunt, and scavengers scavenge.
Many animals roam or migrate for food.
To the best of your ability,
Feed every animal according to his nature.

Feed every animal according to her needs:
The fat ones need less;
The thin ones need more;
Those feeding or working for others
Need also to eat for the other.

Feed what nature has provided,
Just as nature has provided it:
Varied, fresh, full of life — and enlivening.

Food that is dried, cooked, refined —
Processed to death! —
Can make us feel heavy and dull.
It takes from us more than it gives,
So best to eat little of it.

Overeating likewise
Robs the body of vitality,
Both now and later.

Eat when you’re hungry,
Stop when you’re full.

Take what you need,
And leave the rest.

Take good care of our food supply,
And it will take good care of us.

As a great sage once said,
“Don’t play with your food
Unless you’ve eaten all your toys.”


Water is essential.
Ah, but not all water sustains life.

Just like air, water is impartial;
It can also carry death. Toxic substances,
Microbes that don’t belong on us or in us,
Disinfectants, other “public health” additives —
Invisible messages that do not sustain life.

To sustain life, water must be
Fresh, clean, alive,
Resonant with life — its own life.

Living water moves
In streams and springs,
In rain, in dew, and in plants.
This is the water that sustains life.

Where it came from determines its effect.
So, filter municipal water,
Filter polluted rain and well water.

Enliven still water by moving it.
Get it to swirl and flow,
Burble and dance.

Eat lots of plants, fresh, with
Their living water still in them.
Or if you’re a carnivore,
Eat lots of animals who eat lots of plants,
Fresh, with their living water still in them.

Drink when you’re thirsty,
Stop when you’re full.

Take what you need,
And leave the rest.

Take good care of our water
And it will take good care of us.


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