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Nothing More is Needed - on caring for our animals (and ourselves)


Food, water, air, sunlight, cycles, rest, work, play, love, death.

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Fresh air is vital.
Breathe it in, with no other goal
Than to let the body breathe itself.

You cannot breathe for it.
“Breathing exercises”: One more way
For the mind to tyrannize the body.

Instead, let go.
Let the body breathe for itself.
It knows how perfectly.

Breathe fresh, clean air.
Air that is windswept,
Filtered through trees —
Created by trees! —
Refreshed by the elements.

Polluted air is dense and dull.
It makes us feel dense and dull.
It robs the body of vitality by
Burdening us with its garbage.

Hidden dangers in the air we breathe
Cause alarm bells to ring in our bodies.
Sometimes in distressing ways.
Sometimes in less urgent ways,
But always in some way.

The least among us are often
The most affected.
They are our canaries in the coal mine.
We ignore their warning at our own peril.

To the best of your ability,
Provide fresh, clean air,
Air that has been moving through
And filtered by the whole of nature.

Allergies, you say?
That is not about the air,
But about the body.
Otherwise we’d all be sick.
To blame the air is to miss the point,
And miss the prompting to get well.

Take good care of the air we breathe,
And it will take good care of us.

Drive less, walk more.
It’ll do us all good.

So says my dog.
(Amazing how she knows best.)


Sunlight is water’s mate.
We need both to live.
Yet too much or too little of either,
And we die.

You cannot get sunlight out of a pill bottle
Or replicate it fully with a lamp.
Man has not yet trapped sunlight in a bottle
Or made it with a lamp.
And he never will.
Why would he even want to try?

Nature has placed the sun in the sky,
For all to enjoy for most of the year.
Even here, even in this rainy land
So far from the equator.

Nature has made of our skin and our eyes
Solar panels so that we may absorb
All the sunlight we need to be well.

And nature has made in us fat deposits
In which to store this precious vitamin “S.”
All we need do is avail ourselves of some
Sunlight every day.

And nature has stored sunlight in plants.
Unlike the alchemists, who vainly tried
And failed to convert lead into gold,
Plants convert sunlight into food
For all of us. Every day.

So, eat lots of leafy plants, especially green ones,
Every day.
Or if you are a carnivore,
Eat lots of animals who eat lots of plants,
Every day.

Get outside every day.
Eat lots of plants every day.
That’s how to get enough sunlight.


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