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Nothing More is Needed - on caring for our animals (and ourselves)


Food, water, air, sunlight, cycles, rest, work, play, love, death.

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Follow the cycles of the earth.
Even in climates whose seasons number only two,
Follow the rhythm of the year.

Follow the cycles of the sun.
Get up when it’s light,
Go to sleep when it’s dark.
(Unless you are nocturnal,
In which case, do the opposite.)

Yes, in winter, you’ll do less.
In summer, you’ll do more.
So does nature.

Follow the cycles of the moon.
Although they are less obvious
Than those of the sun,
The moon’s cycles influence our bodies
Like nothing else.

Plants follow the cycles of the moon
Just as surely as they follow those of the sun.
When planting, tending, harvesting, and eating,
Follow the cycles of the moon.

If you don’t know what the are,
Find out. Know the moon as well as the sun.

Follow the cycles of the seasons.
Eat what nature has provided,
Fresh, and in season.

Seasonal foods are best.
The most fresh, the most tasty,
And the most wholesome.

Seasonal foods also help keep our bodies
In rhythm with the earth
And with the heavenly bodies that surround us.

Not just distant, disinterested neighbors,
The other heavenly bodies are like organelles
In this “single cell” of our shared universe.

Move in time with the rhythms of the earth.
Let the rhythms of the earth
And our heavenly neighbors
Move you.

Move with grace and ease
With the biggest rhythm of all:
Just another cycle.


To replenish itself
And stay healthy,
The body needs rest.

Without good rest,
We break down
And eventually wear out.

To be good rest —
To be truly restful —
Rest requires comfort,
Peace and quiet,
And a sense of safety.

So, to the best of your ability,
Provide a comfortable, quiet,
Safe place for your animals to
Rest each day and
Sleep each night.

Rest when you’re tired,
Get up when you’re done.

Forget about what time it is!
Rest/sleep/nap when you need it.
My dog taught me this.
(Amazing how she knows best.)


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