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the anima Herbal Recipe Book - notes & recipes by Dr. Christine King

herbal goodies for horses and other animals

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food.” That’s what Hippocrates advised, and that’s the basis for the herbal recipes contained in this book. These are the herbal blends veterinarian Dr. Christine King developed and uses in her practice. Most of the recipes are designed for horses and other grazing animals, but some can also be used in dogs and cats. Some of the blends were formulated primarily for nutritional purposes, others primarily medicinal, but all are safe, palatable, easy to use, and road-tested. Now with this recipe book you can make them for your own animals.

Herbal Recipe Book

Chapter 1: Why Feed Herbs?

Chapter 2: Herbs as Food - 8 nutritive blends

Chapter 3: Herbs as Medicine - 7 medicinal blends

Chapter 4: Glossary - ingredients defined

Chapter 5: Sources - trusted US sources for ingredients


Anima Books, 2011
softcover, 8x10 in., 50 pages

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