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Disease, movement, rabbit holes, kinship, selfishness, strife, omissions, communication, parasites, small things, balance.

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Rabbit holes

My dear friend:
Before you disappear down that rabbit hole,
Take note of where you began,
And why.

Even if the journey changes inconceivably,
You will always find your way out again
If you only remember why you went down there
In the first place.

There are many, many twists and turns.
You may lose your way, lose heart,
Backtrack, and end up coming out
Exactly where you went in,
And feeling like the journey was an utter waste.

But if you’re brave, and you can leave
Your preconceived notions at the door,
You may very well find what it is
You’re truly looking for.


Be on friendly terms with all life.

You don’t have to like
Every one of your relatives.

But it is wisdom itself to
Recognize our inseparable
Kinship with all life.


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