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Nothing More is Needed - on caring for our animals (and ourselves)


Disease, movement, rabbit holes, kinship, selfishness, strife, omissions, communication, parasites, small things, balance.

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What about all else we’ve come to consider
Fundamental to animal care?

Vaccination, deworming, dental care,
Supplements, saddle fit, hoof care...

Yes, there is a time and a place
For all of them.

But the interesting thing is that
When we live as nature designed us
And designed for us,
It’s amazing how much of life
Takes care of itself.


To be understood,
First understand.

As another great sage once said,
“It is more important to understand
Than to be understood.”

To understand another,
Put yourself in her place.

Merge with the other, then
See what she sees, hear what she hears,
Feel what she feels.

Then you will understand;
And in understanding,
Be understood.
Because the two are now one.


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