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Nothing More is Needed - on caring for our animals (and ourselves)

by Christine King

"This book is as much a series of 'Notes to Self' as it is a guide for anyone else. I forget or ignore these little gems and need to remind myself of them almost daily. In fact, that may be our biggest struggle as modern humans: to get over our clever, sophisticated selves and act simply as nature designed us, as an interwoven and inseparable part of all life. That might just be my most important Note to Self."

This little book is my magnum opus, so I'm sharing the text in its entirety in the following pages. Ordering details are provided below for those like me who love books.

Herbal Recipe Book

Anima Books, 2011
softcover, 6x9 in., 40 pages

Available at CreateSpace (Amazon's secure site for author-direct ordering) and

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