Preventing Colic in Horses (1999)

Archived text

This book is no longer in print, but the original text (with a few recent edits for clarity) may be downloaded for free by clicking on the links below. (Each section is a separate PDF.)

Front Matter, including Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Anthony Blikslager

Chapter 1: What is Colic?

Chapter 2: Risk Factors for Colic

Chapter 3: Strategies for Preventing Colic

Chapter 4: Managing Colic (preventing disasters)

Chapter 4 chart for monitoring colicky horses

Copyright © Christine M. King, 1999, 2016. All rights reserved.

Paper Horse, Cary, North Carolina.

About the Book (1999)

Preventing Colic in Horses is a book for horse owners, trainers, farm/barn managers, veterinary and animal science students - anyone interested in minimizing the incidence and impact of colic in the horses in their care.

Written by an experienced equine veterinarian and edited by a renowned equine surgeon with a special interest in the horse's digestive system, the book combines the latest scientific research with practical information you can apply right now.

From the Editor (1999)

"As you read this book you will begin to understand why colic develops, and you will begin to develop your own answers as to how to prevent colic in your horses. All of this information was previously available in the veterinary literature, but it has been buried in a great many scientific publications not readily understood by the horse-owning public. Dr. King has done a remarkable job of condensing this information in the context of common sense and practicality."

Why no second edition?

A lot has changed in veterinary medicine and equine nutrition since I wrote Preventing Colic in Horses in 1999. But one thing that hasn't changed is the horse. To quote the ode to the famous Mister Ed, "A horse is a horse, of course, of course."

With Preventing Colic, my main goal was to take the body of research that was available at the time on the causes or risk factors for colic in horses and translate it into practical guidelines for feeding and managing horses that would reduce their risk of developing colic.

Around that time, I began to get interested in the holistic approach to animal care and veterinary medicine. As my experience with holistic medicine grew, I began to think about revising Preventing Colic in Horses - not because the information in the first edition was incorrect, but because it was incomplete. I now have a wider perspective, and a more holistic view, about preventing colic in horses.

Some days I still feel as clueless as the hapless Wilbur Post, the only human with whom Mister Ed shared his wisdom on a regular basis. I don't claim any such exceptional knowledge of, or connection with, horses; I simply endeavour to remain as open as Wilbur and let the horse teach me. As a result, I came to realise that an entirely different perspective was needed. Stay tuned...