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On this page are some random not-poems* on things I think about or wish I understood better.

*I really don't like poetry, so I don't call these musings poems or poetry.


"What you focus on is what you'll attract."


What you focus on is what you'll see.

What you see is what you'll act on,

either for or against.

BUT what you focus on is only a tiny fraction of

All there is to see.


Lessons from a Tree

Lesson One: Just stand there quietly.

Lesson Two: See lesson one.


Science vs Intuition

Science and intuition,

'Intelligence' and 'instinct', are

No more incompatible than

My two hands.

A left hand and a right hand,

Working together,

Is much more effective than either alone.

I have a left hand and a right hand -

And most of me is in between.


I. Is a wise person

A fool "in recovery"?

A recovered fool?

If so, then the wisest among us

Were once the greatest fools.

So, there is hope for me yet.


II. Prudence and wisdom

are not synonymous.

Prudence may at times be wise,

But wise actions are not always prudent.

On the whole, I'd rather be wise than prudent.


III. My wisdom teeth were all removed.

Does that mean I'm relegated to

Being a fool?


What not to say

"Hang in there," he said

When I told him I was not doing so well.

Platitudes! Kindly meant, but

"Hang in there" is perhaps

Not the best thing to say to someone who is quietly

Deciding from which beam in the barn to hang herself.

Then again, it did make me laugh!


More to come...

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