Journal Articles

If you don't have the time or the inclination to write, you've had a paper bounced back by a journal, or English is not your native language, I offer the following assistance:

* literature search (PubMed, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, IVIS)
* literature review
* basic statistical analysis (Excel, GraphPad Prism)
* writing and editing for scientific content
* editing for style and grammar
* graphics (Word, Excel, PhotoShop)
* suggestions for target journals
* formatting for journal specifications
* journal submission
* response to reviewers
* proofreading
* peer review

Conference Materials

I can also help with the preparation of these materials:

* abstracts and full papers
* slide presentations (PowerPoint)


I offer writing and editing assistance for book chapters and entire books, both for publishers and authors.

I have some experience with self-publishing, so I can also offer guidance and practical assistance if you're considering self-publishing in print or as an e-book.

Website Content

I can provide specific website content on veterinary medicine and animal health, tailored to your practice needs.

Veterinary Services

Click here for info on my veterinary practice.


For most projects, I charge by the hour at a rate of $75/hr. Some small projects are completed in only a couple of hours, whereas taking a paper from a pile of data all the way through to publication may take 100 hours or more. Please contact me for an estimate on your project.


With few exceptions [see Ethics], I've been successful in getting papers accepted for publication in reputable, peer-reviewed journals.


Scientific integrity is at the heart of what I do. Any clinical research with expected commercial applications must be scientifically sound and advance animal welfare for me to accept the project.

Occasionally, I'm presented with a paper that has little or no chance of being accepted by a reputable journal, no matter how much work is done to it. I will not waste the author's money on a revision I feel is doomed.

I advise against publishing in 'predatory' journals, no matter how attractive the prospect of ready acceptance, speedy publication, and open access by readers.